Car Park Cleaning

Car Park Cleaning Adelaide

Car parking is often an overlooked area when managing cleaning contracts but the team at Commercial Clean Adelaide offer a comprehensive range of periodic car park cleaning services for external parking lots, multi-storey or underground car parks.  A clean car park reflects well on a business and helps to create a good first impression, and regular cleaning is vital to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked into the building.

Why Car Park Cleaning

With cars coming and going all day, car parks can quickly fill with dust, gravel and grime from the road which inevitably gets walked into the building.  Whilst good quality entrance mats can help prevent this, staying on top of car park cleaning is a vital component of a regular cleaning contract.  If car parks are not well-maintained litter can also be an issue.  Litter not only looks bad but can produce unpleasant smells and be a magnet for pests such as rats and cockroaches which never leave a good impression on anyone.

Car Park Cleaning Solutions

With a full range of ride-on equipment, Commercial Clean Adelaide can provide cost-effective car park cleaning solutions including brushing/sweeping, scrubbing and high-pressure cleaning.  Depending on how heavily trafficked the car park is we would recommend a quarterly, six-monthly or annual cleaning regime.

 Car Park Cleaning Adelaide

Our car park cleaning team will work with you to assess your car parks to scope and define the most suitable and cost-effective cleaning regime for your needs.


Commercial Clean Adelaide has a range of commercial walk-behind and ride-on sweepers for fast and effective car park cleaning.  Our sweepers quickly and efficiently brush up and vacuum extract any litter, dirt or debris to minimise dust and keep car parks looking clean and tidy.  Our high capacity commercial sweepers make short work of cleaning large car parks and are a fast and effective cleaning method.


Scrubbers are a great way to both minimise dirt and debris and help remove contamination such as oil and grease from car park surfaces.  Our hard floor scrubbers are suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces and brush, clean and scrub in one seamless operation.  Our scrubbing machines have dual tanks to ensure that only clean fresh water and detergent is used for cleaning purposes and all dirty water and cleaning residue is captured to prevent contamination of the newly cleaned surface.  Scrubbing makes a noticeable difference to the visual appeal of the car park and leaves surfaces clean and dry to prevent slipping hazards. 

High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is an excellent way to deep clean a car park and ensures safety lines and wheel stops are clean and visible.   Our cleaning machines use high-pressure water jets to release dirt and grime accompanied by vacuum extraction to capture and remove all water and debris.  Our high-pressure cleaning machines scrub, wash and dries in one seamless operation to produce fast cleaning times and excellent results. 

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