Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning Adelaide

Commercial Clean Adelaide has partnered with some of Adelaide’s best window cleaners to provide fast and effective window cleaning services for shops, offices, medical facilities, hospitality venues and manufacturing sites in Adelaide CBD.  From cleaning low-level windows to high rise multi-storey buildings we’ve got all the expertise and equipment to keep your windows looking clean and clear.

Complete Window Cleaning Solutions

When you engage Commercial Cleaning Adelaide as your cleaning partner we’ll work with you to define the full scope of the cleaning services we will provide.  We provide professional help and advice based on over 30 years of commercial cleaning experience.  When scoping your window cleaning will discuss both window cleaning and window and facade cleaning options.  Window cleaning covers the panes of the glass and may not necessarily include facades and window frames. It is important that all aspects of the building are properly cleaned to protect your investment and extend the life of your assets.

High Rise Window Cleaning

A large proportion of the buildings in Adelaide CBD are high rise, multi-story buildings and our specialist window cleaners have got all the training, expertise and equipment to safely and cost-effectively clean multi-storey buildings.  We offer a selection of window cleaning services including traditional squeegee or de-ionised (purified water) window cleaning solutions.  With ladders, elevated platforms, abseiling techniques, water-fed telescopic poles and swing stages our team can clean windows in most high or hard to reach locations.

Safe & Effective Window Cleaning Solutions

Our window cleaners are fully trained, insured and licenced to work at height.  Safety is always our priority and we are fully compliant with the latest work health and safety regulations undertaking JSA (job safety analysis) risk assessments and WSMS (work safe method statements) where required.

Commercial Window Cleaning Methods

Squeegee Window Cleaning

Traditionally squeegee window cleaning is a two-stage process.  Firstly the windows are washed with detergent and water to clean and remove dirt, and then a large commercial rubber squeegee is used to dry the glass.  Window cleaning is a skilled technique and all our teams are highly trained and proficient in using a squeegee to create a beautiful bright and streak-free finish.  Squeegee window cleaning is particularly quick and efficient for cleaning large panes of glass and produces great results.

 Window Cleaning Adelaide

De-Inonised Water Window Cleaning

Purified Water

Cleaning windows with de-ionised water is a relatively new technique that uses purified de-ionised water to clean windows.  Standard tap water, especially Adelaide hard water, is full of minerals and impurities, so when left to dry naturally on the window it leaves a mineral residue which can often be seen as white spots and streaks on the window. De-ionised water is 100% pure and mineral-free which leaves a clean and streak-free finish without the need to squeegee.

 Window Cleaning Adelaide

De-Inonised Water Window Cleaning

Window scrubbed and rinsed

The process involves using tap water that is passed through a de-ionising filter for purification. Pressurised, purified water is then fed through a hose to a specialist applicator brush and the windows are scrubbed to release the dirt and residue built-up on the window.  The window is then rinsed with purified water to leave a crystal clear finish.  With specialist telescopic, pressurised water-fed poles, it is possible to clean up to four storeys high from ground level eliminating the need for elevated work platforms and ladders. 

Professional Window Cleaning Solutions

The best and most effective method to clean your windows will be decided once our window cleaners have assessed your site and any access restrictions.  Regular window cleaning is an important part of ongoing building cleaning and maintenance and you can trust our team to deliver great service and exceptional results.

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