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Commercial Carpet Cleaners Adelaide

Commercial Clean Adelaide has established strategic partnerships to provide the full suite of carpet cleaning services to clients.  Periodic ‘deep’ cleaning of carpets is an essential part of any regular cleaning program and will extend the life of the carpet and protect your investment.  We offer the full range of carpet cleaning services and recommend that all commercial carpets are steam cleaned annually.

Carpet Cleaning Service – Protecting Your Investment

Steam cleaning is the most effective method of carpet cleaning providing the deepest and best clean.  With hundreds if not thousands of feet tracking over a commercial carpet every day, dirt and debris get trodden deep into the carpet and bond to the carpet fibres.  This dirt not only creates stains and dulls the appearance of the carpet, but literally grinds against the pile wearing and damaging the carpet fibres.  Whilst commercial vacuums have high suction capabilities, the only way to clean deep into the pile of the carpet is steam cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction – Commercial Steam Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Preparation

Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction.  It involves cleaning the carpets with hot water (not steam) at temperatures of up to 100oC.  Carpets are first thoroughly vacuumed and then any heavy stains or spills are spot treated.  Following this, the carpet is then pre-sprayed with a special detergent that penetrates the carpet fibres which helps to loosen and release dirt and debris.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Hot Water Extraction

A heavy-duty extraction cleaning machine is then used to thoroughly deep clean the carpet.  Using a special dual-action cleaning nozzle, hot water is jetted through the carpet fibres and then immediately extracted via suction.  The hot water not only releases and captures the dirt trapped deep inside the pile, but the high water temperature sanitises the carpet helping to kill germs, fungi, allergens and odour causing bacteria leaving the carpet bright, clean and fresh.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Flood Restoration – Water Damage Carpets

Floods within commercial buildings as a result of storm damage or burst pipes often occur when least expected. It is important that restoration work commences as soon as possible, even if damage is discovered outside of normal business hours.  Commercial Clean Adelaide only use experienced Technician who understand this type of work. Safety is paramount as having water within a building can present a number of safety hazards such as the development of mould, electrocution, slip hazards etc. Our technicians will help identify these hazards and recommend actions to mitigate the risks. Hot water extraction machines are used to extract the water from the carpet and then blowers are strategically positioned to dry out the area, these can often be left running for several days. Special treatments may then be required and a final inspection to ensure full restoration has been achieved.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a cheaper alternative to hot water extraction and is an ideal way to maintain carpet appearance in between steam cleans.  To start the procedure, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed before applying an encapsulating chemical.  Encapsulating chemicals are sprayed onto the carpet and then a slow RPM rotary pad is used to massage the cleaning agent deep into the carpet pile. The encapsulating chemical is attracted to dirt and debris and forms small crystals around the dirt isolating it from the carpet fibres.

Crystal Encapsulation

The ‘dirt’ crystals are then extracted from the carpet using a normal commercial vacuum.  Whilst the majority of the crystals will be extracted immediately after the process, crystals will continue to form and the area should be thoroughly vacuumed every day for 4-5 days following the treatment for maximum effectiveness.  As encapsulation cleaning is a low-moisture system, carpets can be returned to use immediately after treatment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

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