Waste Management Services

Waste Management & Recycling Adelaide

As part of our commitment to offering a full suite of cleaning solutions to businesses, building and facilities managers across Adelaide CBD, Commercial Clean Adelaide has established strategic partnerships with two of the largest waste companies in SA to offer a range of waste management and recycling services for clients.

General Waste Management

Commercial Clean Adelaide will take you through a comprehensive bin and waste stream health check to create a tailored waste management solution that solves all of your general waste and recycling needs.  With a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible waste and recycling service, you’ll never need to worry about bins overflowing or not being collected, so you can relax knowing you are in capable hands.

All Waste Bin Types

From waste paper bins and stationery compactors in offices to recycling bins, wheelie bins and roller packers for large retailers and shopping complexes we’ve got all the equipment and expertise to collect, process, recycle and dispose of waste found in commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, health or construction industries.

Waste Recycling

There are very few items that can’t be recycled these days and we’ve got plenty of bins to help you achieve a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste management. All our recycling bins are colour coded and labelled for easy use and we can even help provide training and education for staff/employees to increase recycling and reduce contamination.

Commingled Bins

Commingled bins allow for quick, space-saving and easy recycling solutions.  Five of the most common recyclable products – paper, cardboard, aluminium, steel and glass can be disposed of In a single bin and our processors will sift and sort the waste into its component types for recycling.

Cardboard & Paper Recycling

Cardboard and paper recycling bins are a great way to save money, save the environment and minimise landfill.  Commonly used paper stationery items such as printed office paper (including staples), envelopes (including those with windows), magazines, newspapers and unwaxed cardboard boxes can be recycled and disposed of in the same bin and processed for recycling.  Waste paper and cardboard are recycled into a range of different products including industrial paper, insulation, newspaper, tissues, kitty litter and egg cartons.  

Soft Plastic Recycling

In most retail environments there will be lots of soft plastic waste in the form of shrink-wrapping around pallets, bubble wrap, packing foam, polythene covers, large plastic bags and polystyrene.  Soft plastics (LDPE -Low-Density Polyethylene, Polystyrene and EPS- Expanded Polystyrene) can often be scrunched or broken by hand and we’ve got specialised soft plastic recycling solutions.  Our expert team will work with you to identify your plastic waste and use special bins to create a customised recycling solution for your business. 

Protecting Businesses With Confidential Document Destruction

The proper handling and management of sensitive and confidential documents is a critical part of business information management.   Our specialist waste management teams can take care of the shredding and destruction of all your confidential documents, sensitive information and old archive boxes.  We are fully compliant with the 1988 privacy act and all secure documentation bins are tracked and recorded in line with the latest regulations.  Certificates of destruction can also be issued where needed.

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Destruction Bins

We use specialist lockable security destruction bins for the safe collection of sensitive data/reports and confidential documents.  The secure bins take paper documentation and documents with staples, paperclips and plastic bindings are allowed.  Collection and destruction can be scheduled regularly or ‘on request’ to ensure you always have the required disposal capacity. 

Document Shredding & Recycling

Destruction bins are loaded into a secure truck and taken to our facility for processing.  Bins are emptied and the contents are shredded under close supervision and CCTV for added security.  Once the documentation has been shredded, paper waste is then baled and sent for recycling to provide a safe and environmentally friendly destruction solution.

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