COVID19 Defence

Helping Businesses Stop The Spread Of COVID19 & Infectious Diseases

Commercial Clean Adelaide has always understood the importance of cleaning as a mechanism to stop the spread of contagious viruses such as gastro and flu.  Since the Corona Virus pandemic,  more and more businesses are understanding the need to create a protective barrier around commercial environments to help stop the spread of disease.  Commercial Clean Adelaide has been helping to protect people in commercial environments from contagious diseases for many years by paying attention to high touchpoint areas to help prevent transmission.

High Touchpoint Areas

A high touchpoint is an area that multiple people touch when entering or exiting a building.  This includes door handles, lift buttons, stair rails, light switches and push plates etc.  We pay particular attention to thoroughly sanitising high touchpoint areas in all our cleaning undertakings, but by placing automatic hand sanitisation stations in high touch point areas infectious disease transmission can be dramatically reduced.

Commercial Cleaners Adelaide COVID19 Defence

Spread of Infectious Diseases   

Infectious diseases are any diseases caused by viruses and bacteria that can be spread from person to person through contact with bodily fluids either directly or through airborne particles.  When an infected person coughs or sneezes, microscopic virus particles are mobilised into the air and can land on nearby surfaces or the hands if using tissues etc.  When people touch an infected surface the virus is then transferred to the hand/fingers and any other surfaces they touch can also become infected.  This can then be transferred to the body by touching the eyes, nose or mouth.

Commercial Cleaners Adelaide COVID19 Defence

Main Entrance/Foyer

Placing automatic hand sanitisation stations around the entrance points to a building can help create a barrier against virus transmission.  Most people entering a commercial building use the main entrance.  Placing highly visible automatic hand sanitisation unit(s) in this area is a great way to encourage hand sanitisation to kill any viruses on the hands and prevent cross-contamination of door handles and lift buttons.   All hand sanitisers we supply are TGA (Theraputic Goods Australia) approved to ensure they are effective against Corona Virus, so once the hands are sanitised the risk of cross-contamination is significantly reduced.

Commercial Cleaners Adelaide COVID19 Defence

Car Parks

Car parks can also be an entry point to many buildings so we would recommend placing wall mounted automatic sanitation stations adjacent to the lifts to minimise cross-contamination.  Lift buttons are a high touchpoint area, so hand sanitisation before entering the left can help prevent cross-contamination via the lift control buttons.

Commercial Cleaners Adelaide COVID19 Defence


Whilst the use of stairwells is less prevalent than lifts, they may still be a point of entry to a commercial building.  We would therefore recommend the placement of automatic hand sanitisation units positioned next to building entry doors at the ground level.

COVID 19 Decontamination

The expert team at Commercial Clean Adelaide are always on hand to help and advise on ways to minimise the risk of spreading COVID19 and other infectious diseases through the effective cleaning of commercial buildings.  We supply a range of wall and floor mounted hand sanitisation units along with sanitiser refills for ongoing protection.  Our complete cleaning solutions also include TGA approved COVID 19 decontamination  service to sanitise all surfaces following an outbreak of COVID19.

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